Computers Area

The V community is everything that is good about gaming...


A place to meet up and have a talk about your matches.


High-end gaming PCs, assembled and tested by professionals.

VIP Area

Private space for hardcore gamers, equipped with advanced hardware.

Virtual Reality

The virtual experience of another world, almost a real trip.

Smoking Area

Designated for smoking gamers and equipped with aspirators.

None Smokers

For none smoking gamers, also equipped with aspirators.

Take A Break

You might be able to take a break to study up on the game.

Snacks & Drinks

Sandwiches, pizza & drinks, prepared with healthy ingredients.

Networking & Internet

The expectation that everyone would want to be on a network.

The V Crew

The heart and soul of VCore. Friendly and top commended :)

HTC Vive Headset

Developed by HTC, Valve Corporation & SteamVR.

Let Yourself

Be visually and physically amazed by new virtual worlds.