It is amazingly frustrating to get half the way through a round with a perfect score and then have the game disconnect or start lagging. At VCore you are many light years away from such problems, our Internet connection (25MB dedicated) is capable to handle the demand of all gamers..


PC games remain among the most demanding software. For this reason, a team of hardware experts from Macrotronics Computers assembled the best gaming devices and peripherals to make sure we exceeded all "games system requirement" and "gamers expectations".

Get informed about our PCs and find all its hardware specs in the section below ...

Custom Built PCs

by Macrotronics

Internet Speed

High speed internet connection speed, dedicated for VCore to insure the best ping latency and real-life speed.

Full HD Monitors

BenQ 24 inch, wide screen, full HD at 144hz it is fast and made for Esports gaming.

Graphic Card

GeForce GTX 1070, deliver graphics-intensive games without missing a beat.


Intel I5-6600K, that makes this the best current CPU for most PC gamers.